Employment and equity screening

Make screening part of your application processes

A company's most valuable resource is, without question, its staff. Employing the right professional screening service provider can therefore help you to judge an application on hard facts - maximising your investment in human resources.

Equally, if you are considering investing in a business, knowing who's really who can make the crucial difference between a return on your investment and losing your investment altogether.

More than risk reduction

It's clear that thorough background checks are an invaluable risk reduction tool. But, there are less obvious benefits too.

  • Minimising risks of fraud
  • Minimising costs: re-recruitment, legal, loss of business, training
  • Improving security of assets (incl. information)
  • Helping you to build a high-quality, stable and skilled employee base
  • Helping you to comply with a growing number of employment regulations
  • Ensuring the business runs smoothly
  • Reducing staff turnover and recruitment
  • Enhancing business competitiveness and generating a competitive edge
  • Cutting professional indemnity costs
  • Freeing up HR and administration resources (time and money)
  • Providing a proactive company health check
  • Upholding reputation, staff morale and customer confidence
Why not read more about the services we provide? Or, for more about the risks when dealing with applications, take a look at our FAQs page.
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