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At Who's Really Who?, we know how critical it is to check any applicant really is who he or she claims to be. That's why we are dedicated to providing accurate, cost-effective and timely background checks for whatever reason you might need them.

Our history

Nigel Spencer-Knott established Personnel Screening Services in 1995, a company that provided pre-employment checks for human resource and recruitment teams. In 2002, the business was incorporated and renamed Who's Really Who?

Nigel Spencer-Knott.

Nigel retired as a Chief Superintendent from the Metropolitan Police after service in uniform and the CID.

As a Detective Constable at New Scotland Yard, he worked secretly with others to assess the character and background of people and their impact on the State or danger to others. He has human resources experience, having worked as Head of Personnel for the North West area of the Metropolitan Police. He also found time to represent the Superintendents' Association on personnel issues such as equal opportunities, litigation against police officers, redundancy and the criminal justice system for eight years.

Nigel is a Past Chairman of Ex-Police Officers in Industry and Commerce (EPIC) and is a Past Chairman of the disciplinary panel of the Chartered Management Institute (CMI).

He is an enthusiastic sportsman, playing for LX England and Southgate Hockey Club.

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PJ, 36 years, a debt ridden Public School Teacher stole £35000. He organised overseas school trips and collected the monies himself. He was known to be seriously in debt many years before he faced the ignominy of being arrested in the Headmaster's study. County Court Judgments over several years mounted up to more than £30000.

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