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Professional background checks

Know Who's Really Who

We specialise in running professional background screening on people. When investing in people as employees or private equity prospects, it's vital to know who's really who. By making screening an integral part of your application processes, you can minimise costly mistakes, ensure you are fully confident about the decisions you have to make, and establish a level of trust and honesty.

What we can do for you

Here are some of the ways we help clients:

  • Screening pre- and post-employment
  • Assessing candidates' suitability
  • Acting as a third-party assessors
  • Establishing screening protocols
  • Checking applicants for funding
  • Reviewing company shortlists
  • Exploring reasons for leaving a job
  • We're happy to work independently or supplement existing in-house screening activities. We can tailor our services to suit any requirements, large or small. And, our screening processes are always done with the full consent of applicants.

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    PJ, 36 years, a debt ridden Public School Teacher stole £35000. He organised overseas school trips and collected the monies himself. He was known to be seriously in debt many years before he faced the ignominy of being arrested in the Headmaster's study. County Court Judgments over several years mounted up to more than £30000.

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